Resilience Strategy
JLP+D focuses on the economic and implementation components of resilience strategies, including those for coastal resiliency, enhanced civic and open space, and economic competitiveness. The firm serves as a strategic advisor to public, private, and philanthropic clients, assessing underlying site-specific stressors, obstacles, and opportunities and investigating stewardship, programming, revenue generation, and funding options. JLP+D identifies and evaluates local regulatory policy and development tools, such as General / Comprehensive Plans and Transferable Development Rights, to align strategies with city and regional initiatives and develop mechanisms to guide effective implementation. Through this process, we work to enhance capital investments and build local capacity for supporting long-term resilience strategies.

Waterfront Revitalization
JLP+D works with interdisciplinary teams to craft waterfront revitalization scenarios that optimize the economic, real estate, and civic value of these unique assets for public and private sector participants. JLPD has decades of experience assessing market demand for residential, commercial hotel and retail, institutional, tourism and recreational uses along urban waterfronts, and in identifying actionable development frameworks that spur public and private investment and preserve a distinctive sense of place. The firm understands the challenges for waterfront districts (many formerly industrial areas) of infrastructure upgrade costs, transit accessibility, reconnecting with upland neighborhoods, environmental remediation, flood protection and other resiliency concerns, seasonality, and public access requirements. We identify opportunities to create assets that can serve as new local open space amenities, regional destinations, and catalysts of real estate and economic development. JLP+D engages meaningfully with key stakeholders to identify catalytic public and private investments in infrastructure and other public realm improvements that are financeable, that attract new private real estate development and other investment, and that generate broad public benefit.

Master Planning
JLP+D advises public and private sector clients on frameworks for sustainable growth and investment that meet community and institutional goals. Our work connects existing assets, develops strategic property acquisition and dispensation plans, and embraces smart growth principles.

Stakeholder Engagement
Whether through organization and facilitation of engagement sessions and large forums, or through one-on-one interviews and interagency working groups, JLP+D effectively engages stakeholders to facilitate land use planning, real estate development, and/or public policy approvals that reflect community visions and new alignments of interest among diverse constituencies.